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You will also encounter common export business risks related to letters of credit

  1. Foreign exchange collection risks arising from the inconsistency of the specifications and date of the goods with those stipulated in the contract。

    1. The exporter fails to deliver the goods as required by the contract or letter of credit。

  2, production factory delay, resulting in delivery delay;

  3. Replace the products stipulated in the contract with products of similar specifications;

  4, the transaction price is low, shoddy。

  2. Poor quality of documents leads to the risk of foreign exchange collection。

  Although it is stipulated to settle the foreign exchange by letter of credit and deliver the goods on time and with good quality, after delivery, the documents submitted to the negotiating bank do not match only, which makes the letter of credit play its due protective role。

  At this time, even if the buyer agrees to pay, it has paid high international communication costs and inconsistent deductions in vain, and the exchange time is greatly extended, especially for smaller contracts, seven deductions and 20% discounts will appear losses。
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  3. Risks arising from the trap clause stipulated in the letter of credit

  Some letters of credit stipulate that the inspection certificate is one of the main documents for negotiation。

  Buyers will seize the seller's eagerness to ship the psychological, deliberately picky, but at the same time put forward a variety of payment methods to induce the enterprise to ship。Once the goods are provided to the buyer, the buyer is likely to deliberately inspect inconsistent, delay payment, and even empty money and goods。

  The letter of credit stipulates that the shipping bill of lading expires abroad within 7 working days after issuance。Neither the negotiating bank nor the beneficiary can guarantee such terms and conditions and must be carefully verified。For the existing trap clauses, it is necessary to notify the modifier in time, and do not be greedy for a moment, and bury hidden dangers for the future。

  Fourth, there is no complete management system

  Export business involves all aspects, two ends outside, easy to cause problems。

  If there is no perfect business management method, once the lawsuit, it will cause a counterproductive situation, especially those companies that pay attention to telephone contact。

  Since the customer source of the enterprise is expanding every year, in order to enable the enterprise to carry out trade in a targeted manner, it is necessary to establish business files for each customer, including credit, transaction volume, etc., and screen them year by year to reduce business risks。

  5. Operational risks that run counter to the agency system

  For the export enterprises, the actual practice of the agency system is that the agent does not pay the principal in advance, the profit and loss are borne by the principal, and the agent only charges a certain agency fee。

  In real business, this is not the case。The first reason is that they have few customers, poor ability to collect foreign exchange, and want to work hard to complete the target;The second is to make more profits, too little agency costs。

  There are risks in the use of D/P, D/A forward payment method or consignment method

  Deferred payment is a long-term commercial payment method, if the exporter accepts this method, it is equivalent to providing financing advantages to the importer。

  Although the issuing bank voluntarily pays deferred interest, it only requires the exporter to advance the money, the loan, in essence, the customer is waiting for the goods to arrive at the port to check the quantity of the goods。If the market changes, the importer can ask the bank to refuse payment。

  Some enterprises send goods to foreign business classmates and friends。Think it is a relationship customer, there is no problem of not receiving remittances。Once the market is not smooth, or the customer has a problem, not only can not receive the money back, but also may not receive the goods。

       The above text is about the common export business risks of letters of credit, you will also encounter the relevant introduction, if you have more questions can consult the site manager Xu
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