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Export trade agent | What is the basic procedure of export trade and what exactly does it include?

  Under wayExport tradeThe basic procedure mainly includes the following aspects:

  1. Confirm the main transaction details

  Conduct preliminary communication with foreign importers, reach cooperation intention, and determine the main transaction details。Such as: unit price, quantity, shipment date, quality requirements, payment method and so on。

  2. Sign trade contracts

  In accordance with the preliminary intention previously reached, the importers and exporters prepare the trade contract。The main contents of the contract are: the basic information of the import and export parties, goods name, unit price, quantity, quality requirements, port of shipment, destination, delivery date, payment method, etc。After the contract comes into force, it's on to the next step。

Export trade agent | What is the basic procedure of export trade and what exactly does it include?g

  Third, according to the contract production, material preparation, shipment。

  The export enterprise shall sort out the raw materials and prepare for production according to the contract。When the goods are ready, the export declaration procedures shall be completed according to the mode of transport stipulated in the contract。Quarantine inspection will be carried out during this period。Export goods are shipped after customs declaration。

  What are the basic export trade procedures?

  4. Handle the business of sending documents

  After receiving the bill of lading, the export enterprise may prepare to send the bill of lading for remittance claim in accordance with the payment terms stipulated in the contract。

  If the payment is made by L/C or collection, the exporter shall send the invoice, packing list, bill of lading and other shipping documents to the designated opening bank, and the bank shall handle the procedures for sending the documents and claiming the foreign exchange;If payment is made by remittance, the exporter shall send the documents himself。

  5. Conduct exchange and settlement

  After receiving the goods, the foreign importer shall go through the payment procedures at their bank;After receiving the payment for goods, the exporter's bank shall notify the exporter to go through the procedures for collecting foreign exchange。

  The export enterprise can directly settle the payment in foreign exchange, or keep it in the company's foreign currency account for future payment, or settle it when the exchange rate is appropriate。

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