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Foreign trade knowledge - What are the specific development models of export agents in the future?

  Foreign trade knowledge -Export agentWhat are the specific development patterns in the future?The change of international and domestic situation has caused great changes in the operating environment of China's international freight forwarding industry, and the original profit model is facing new challenges。As the traditional means of price competition is too single, to adapt to the new trend of The Times, freight forwarding enterprises in the business model innovation at the same time, constantly improve their market competitiveness, to promote the further development of the industry。

  1.Strategic alliance model

  In order to cope with the current cold current of international trade and freight forwarding market, some small and medium-sized freight forwarding enterprises take the initiative to warm themselves together, centralized operation in the mode of freight forwarding alliance, increase negotiating chips, so as to enjoy more favorable carrier policies and rates, and centralized deployment of resources to carry out business cooperation, improve service capabilities and service quality。

Foreign trade knowledge - What are the specific development models of export agents in the future?

  2.Centralized purchasing method

  This model relies on advanced network technology,Integrate resources,The business philosophy of "centralized procurement" has penetrated into the innovative operation system,Give full play to the advantages of peer resources and cargo resources,Innovative profit model,Realize centralized booking,National unified booking and online booking,Implement centralized purchasing and sales,Improve the overall advantages of the enterprise。

  3.Chain management model

  Several strong large-scale freight forwarding logistics enterprises, with their strong strength, actively participate in the industry reshuffle, the chain operation in the business into the international logistics industry。With chain operation, it absorbs the resources of global logistics freight forwarding enterprises, carries out industrial integration, realizes the globalization of service network with minimum capital and time cost, and completes the upgrade of traditional logistics to modern logistics enterprises。

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