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Common sense of freight forwarders | What are the materials required to apply for international air export?

  International air exportProcess (some differences elsewhere)

  1. Consignor

  1: Provide goods information: name, quantity, weight, box size, destination port and destination port of consignee name, address, telephone number, shipment time, shipper name, telephone number, address。

  2.Application materials:

  A: Lists, contracts, invoices, manuals, verification slips, etc。

  B Fill in the declaration power of attorney, stamp a blank letter paper, backup the needs of the declaration process, and submit to the entrusted freight forwarder or customs broker for processing。

  C: Confirm whether the product has import and export rights and quotas。

  D: Deliver the above documents or other necessary documents to the freight forwarder or customs broker entrusted with customs declaration。

  3: Looking for freight forwarders: the shipper is free to choose freight forwarders, but should choose the right agent from the aspects of freight rate, service, strength, after-sales service, etc。

  4: Inquiry: Negotiate the freight rate with the selected freight forwarder, air transport price grades are divided into:


  Due to the different services of different airlines, freight forwarders' freight rates are also different。Generally speaking, the bigger the weight, the better the price。You can also apply for a better shipping rate。

Common sense of freight forwarders | What are the materials required to apply for international air export?

  Two: freight forwarder

  1.Power of attorney: After the consignor and the freight agent determine the transport price and service conditions, the freight agent will give the consignor a blank consignment letter, the consignor will truthfully fill in the consignment letter, and fax or return to the freight agent。

  2: Commercial inspection: The freight forwarder will check whether the content of the power of attorney is complete (incomplete or non-standard), understand whether the goods are subject to commercial inspection, and assist the goods that require commercial inspection。

  3: Reservation: The freight forwarder makes a reservation with the airline according to the consignor's power of attorney (or the airline designated by the consignor)。Bookings usually need to be made a week in advance to confirm prices, avoid excessive fluctuations in the next week, and to confirm flights and related information to customers。


  Shipper's own delivery: the freight forwarder should fax the warehouse diagram of the goods to the shipper, and indicate the contact person, telephone number, delivery address, time, etc。So that goods can be timely and accurate into the warehouse。

  B: The freight forwarder receives the goods: the consignor shall provide the freight forwarder with the specific receiving address, contact person, telephone number, time and other relevant information to ensure that the goods enter the warehouse in time。

  5. Settlement of transportation charges: If the parties do not receive the goods, they shall determine:

  Prepayment: Local to pay: destination guests pay。

  6: International Air Export Tips:

  A: Mode of transport: direct, air, sea and air transport, land and air transport (Tianjin, Hebei more cargo)。

  B: Freight composition: air freight (subject to freight forwarders and consignors negotiated rates), customs declaration fee (within 300 yuan/ticket), fuel surcharge, war risk (subject to airline charges, generally 2-4 yuan/kg, according to different airlines charge different fees), freight station ground handling fee (0.6 yuan/kg), the security check fee is determined according to different goods。

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