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The number of China-Europe railway services in January this year increased by 11 percent compared with last year

  In January this year,China-europe freight train transportDemand is strong, a total of 1304 lines were opened, and 12 goods were transported.70,000 TEU, an increase of 11% and 15%, more than 1,300 columns were opened for two consecutive months, and the brand competitiveness and reputation continued to strengthen。

  After years of market cultivation, China-Europe trains have achieved standardized and large-scale operation。In particular, since the unified brand of China-Europe trains in 2016, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. has continuously improved the train operation guarantee mechanism, improved the transport capacity of port stations, and strengthened the construction of train assembly centers, which has promoted the number of China-Europe trains to increase year by year, and the cargo categories have been continuously enriched, and the transport value has doubled。From 2016 to 2021, the annual number of trains running between China and the EU will increase from 1,702 to 15,183, an average annual increase of 55 percent.The annual transport value has increased from US $8 billion to US $74.9 billion, a nine-fold increase, and the proportion of total Sino-European trade has increased from 1.5 to 8 percent。

The number of China-Europe railway services in January this year increased by 11 percent compared with last year

  China Railway Group gives full play to the role of international and domestic coordination mechanisms, stimulates the enthusiasm of platform enterprises, and constantly strengthens domestic and foreign supply organizations。The load rate of China-Europe trains has steadily increased, with the combined load rate rising from 77 in 2016.2% increase to 2021 98.1%。

  China National Railway Group continues to strengthen the development of China-Europe return train supply, and the number of round-trip trains is more balanced。The ratio of return trains to return trains was 50 from 2016.6% to 81 in 2021.5%;Developed and invested 95306 digital port system, and jointly promoted the China-Europe train rapid customs clearance business model with customs authorities, which significantly improved the customs clearance efficiency;In Manchuria, Khorgos Port Station normally organizes three-train and two-train combined transportation, promoting the coordination of wide-rail transportation organization。The full running time has been reduced from 24 days to a minimum of 12 days, and the efficiency of train transportation has been greatly improved。Compared with other logistics methods, it greatly saves the whole logistics cost and promotes the reduction of social logistics cost。

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