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China-europe Freight Forwarder | The total import volume of China-Europe freight trains at Alashankou port reached over 90 tons

  In early spring February, along with the sound of the train whistle, a Sino-European train filled with spring ploughing materials slowly entered Alashan Port, bringing the breath of spring, and the port railway operation area also showed a busy scene。

  January 1, Urumqi Customs。Customs officials supervise a China-Europe train at the Alashankou Customs site in Urumqi, northwest China's Urumqi Uygur Autonomous region, Feb. 21, 2019。The train mainly carries planters, greenhouse equipment and other goods, a total of 10.Two tons worth 12.Fifty thousand dollars。Imported spring farming materials will lay a solid foundation for the grain harvest。After the handover by customs officials and international railway operators, the train left the port smoothly。

  The plan of the year lies in the spring, and the good time of the year lies in the spring farming。With the arrival of spring, spring ploughing production has begun。At present, it is in an important period of spring ploughing。To help spring farming materials efficient customs clearance,Ensure that farm supplies are transported to the field as quickly as possible,Alashankou Customs advance deployment planning,Set up a special window for accepting spring ploughing materials,Open up green channels for importing spring ploughing materials,Achieve ready to do;Advance manifest and means of transport management International railway subsystem,The China-Europe train import transit data system will automatically review the secondary release,Continuously improve the efficiency of customs clearance;Formulate classified supervision measures for spring tillage equipment,Take the initiative to connect with enterprises,First grasp the relevant information,Coordinate international railway departments to efficiently connect train inspection and transportation,The operation time of port cargo is greatly shortened,To ensure that imported fertilizers, agricultural machinery and equipment and other materials quickly enter the domestic market,Ensure spring ploughing needs。

China-europe Freight Forwarder | The total import volume of China-Europe freight trains at Alashankou port reached over 90 tons

  Li Hongfeng, head of the Alashankou Customs Supervision section, said: 'We will continuously optimize the supervision mode based on train traffic,Ensure efficient customs clearance of imported spring materials returning to EU-China trains,On-site customs personnel 24 hours uninterrupted on-site supervision operation,With the addition of trains between China and Europe,We will continue to improve train clearance times,Help trains' speed up 'at port opening,Make sure spring materials don't miss farming time。

  According to statistics, since the beginning of this year, Alashankou Port has imported spring ploughing materials through the China-Europe train planters, greenhouse equipment, harvesters, automatic medicine machines, etc., with a total weight of 91.Four tons worth 99.Twenty thousand dollars。

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