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Why do I need an automatic import license and where do I use it?

     Automatic import license refers to the license issuing organs authorized by the Ministry of Commerce to implement automatic import license。
  The supervisory certificate code of automatic import license (except automatic import license electrical products) is 7。
  The code of the supervision certificate of automatic import License for mechanical and electrical products is o。
Why do I need an automatic import license and where do I use it?

    1.Commodity code products issued by the Ministry of Commerce: optical disc production equipment, tobacco machinery, mobile communication products, satellite radio, television equipment and important parts, automobile products, aircraft, ships, game consoles and other commodities。

    2.Product code issued by local Machinery Products Import and Export Office:Steam turbine, engine (not Chapter 87 vehicles) and important components, water turbine and other power plants, chemical plants, food machinery, engineering machinery, paper making machinery, textile machinery, metal smelting and processing equipment, metal processing machine tools, electrical equipment, railway locomotives, automotive products, aircraft, ships, medical equipment, etc。
 3.Processing trade automatic import license supervision certificate code v, the business commodities are crude oil, refined oil。
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