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What is the information and process required for the import agent to exempt 3C certificate?

  Import goods are exempt from 3C certificationImport agentCustoms declaration detailed tutorial /3C goods customs clearance agent

  Engaged in the import and export industry for many years, there are often some friends in the circle to ask 3C certification (CCC certification) China compulsory certification how to handle?But it's not that some people need to apply for 3C certification, some people can apply for free 3C certification!We have done a lot of products 3C certification exemption, has a lot of experience in operation, Qiannuo International Customs clearance wholeheartedly for you!


  What are the data required for 3C certification?

  1. Letter of introduction or power of attorney

  2.Description, including product name, model, use, etc., need to be stamped with official seal。

  3.Technical data, including basic technical parameters, working principle, model, compliance with IEC standards, etc., original or copy with official seal。

  4.The goods have arrived in Hong Kong, need to bring the relevant customs declaration documents or pre-recorded 3C catalogue consultation modification application form。

  Basically, 3C certification is difficult to deal with because relevant agency personnel need to go to foreign factories to investigate and test products。For some overseas shopping goods, 3C certification is not practical。In addition, there is no way to apply for 3C certification after the goods arrive at the port。

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