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Export process | The export process requires several steps to complete?

  Export process | The export process requires several steps to complete?

       Step 1: Search for customers online, look for buyer information, and then email。

  The purpose of the email is to introduce your product or company, hoping to attract the attention of the buyer。This kind of mail is called "development mail."。

  (If I don't know how to write development letters, I can design several templates for development letters according to your company's products and copy them every time I send development letters)

  The most stupid way is to keep searching, whether effective or not, often send emails to the buyers found, generally cast a net, if there is a customer reply, quickly seize and promote a single。

  The most labor-saving way is to spend money to open Alibaba International or other B2B websites。After uploading the product information to Alibaba International Edition, buyers with purchase intention will contact your company by email。

  Second, if the prospective customer replies to the email and has the intention to buy, please maintain communication with the prospective customer via email。

  (If you are worried about the loss of customers due to improper reply to the email, you can contact me, I can provide reply suggestions, or directly help you reply according to your requirements。If you don't understand anything in the email, you can contact me)

  Price and payment terms need to be agreed during the communication。

  When giving the customer a quote, the price is also divided into many kinds, the most common is two。One is FOB, the other is CIF。It's all trade terms。Let me give you a simple example。

  Let's say there is a batch of products that need to be shipped to the United States。Products need to be first transported from the factory to the mainland and Hong Kong (such as Shanghai port), then from the domestic port of the mainland and Hong Kong port (such as New York port), and then from foreign ports to the buyer's factory。

  Assume that the domestic selling price is $1000, the freight of the product from the factory to the port of Shanghai needs $100, and the shipping cost of the product from Shanghai port to the port of New York is $300。

  In this transportation process, before leaving the port of China, the national customs needs to be informed of what the products are, and only after the customs agrees can they go to sea. This process of informing the customs is called customs declaration, and customs declaration needs to be charged 30 US dollars。After leaving the Chinese port, for safety, you need to apply for Marine insurance, the premium is 5 US dollars (if the ship capsizes during shipping, the insurance company will pay for the loss).。

  FOB Fee: 1000+100+30 (all fees before sailing)

  CIF fee: 1000+100++30+300+5 (all charges before arrival at the other port)

  If the FOB price is quoted to the customer (for example, $1,130), the customer agrees and makes a payment of $1,130 to the dollar account opened by the factory。Then, before the product goes to sea, all the costs are borne by the factory, and the things after the sea have nothing to do with the factory。

  If a CIF price is quoted to the customer (e.g. $1435) and the customer agrees, $1435 will be transferred to the US dollar account opened by the factory。Then, before the product arrives at the destination port, all the costs will be borne by the factory, and the things after the arrival of the destination port have nothing to do with the factory。

  There are many ways of payment。The most common is T/T, which is the customer directly transfers the money to your company's account. Generally, 30% is paid in advance, and 70% is paid before delivery or after sea. Of course, some customers require payment one month after receiving the goods, which needs to be negotiated in advance。

  The third step, wait until everything is settled, make a proforma invoice to the customer。

  Proforma invoice can be simply understood as a contract, with a format, only need to fill in the content, stamp, scan and send to the customer。

  (If I don't know how to make a proforma invoice, I can make a template according to the product and fill it in every time I make a proforma invoice)

  Of course, there are also customers who require a formal contract after receiving a proforma invoice, and then make a formal contract stamped and scanned to the customer。

  The fourth step, wait for the customer to pay the advance payment, start processing。

  After the dollar account receives the payment, the bank staff will notify the financial staff by phone。The financial staff needs to go to the bank with the official seal to handle the declaration (to fill in the slip), and the settlement of foreign exchange (also to fill in the slip, after filling in the US dollar into RMB, and deposit it into the company's RMB account).。If you don't understand, the bank staff will tell you how to operate。

Export process | The export process requires several steps to complete?

  The fifth step is to arrange customs declaration after processing and packaging。

  Note that there are strict requirements for export packaging, such as wooden boxes, can not use solid wood, to use plywood。

  (Worried about problems, you can contact me to confirm before the design of packaging, and you can also contact me if you do not understand the customer's requirements。For example, customers require "neutral packaging", people who do not know how to deal with it will be very difficult)

  Note that the packing cases should be marked before delivery。The shipping mark is a mark to facilitate buyers to quickly find their goods in the container after receiving the goods。

  For example, write "A" on A4 paper and stick it on the packing box with adhesive paper. This is the shipping mark。When the goods arrive at their destination, customers will choose the boxes with an "A" on them when looking for their goods。

  Now there is a company specializing in customs declaration, your company only needs to provide the agency with the packing list/invoice/contract (these three are very simple, have a format, fill in the content on the line), and through the electronic port to entrust customs declaration (need to log in a website, enter the product information on the website, and then click the entrust)。

  If nothing, the customs agency will teach you step by step。Just do it once。

  Step six: Transport the equipment to the yard。

  After contacting the customs agent (usually a shipping agency), the agent will provide you with a notice requiring you to ship the goods to the specified location by the specified date。If the goods are exactly full of the container, the agent will arrange the container to your company for direct loading, and then the full container will be transported to the designated location。

  The notice usually requires the goods to be transported to the depot, weighed and counted for shipment。

  Step 7: Obtain ocean bills of lading。

  When the goods go to sea, the customs agent and the shipping company will send the customs declaration and a bill of lading。

  Step 8, after confirming receipt of the final payment, send the bill of lading to the customer。

  Customer can't take delivery without bill of lading

  The ninth step, the relevant documents to the financial, financial arrangements for tax refund。

  When the tax returns come down, this one's over。

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