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Import declaration knowledge | Professional foreign trade personnel must master the import and export declaration process detailed explanation

  01.Prepare customs declaration materials (contract, invoice, packing list, waybill);

  02.Fill in the customs declaration slip。Fill in the draft declaration form according to the declaration information;

  03.Print the declaration review form。According to the draft, the customs broker enters the data in the QP system and prints the customs declaration review;

  04.Send data。The operator of the customs declaration company shall send the customs declaration data to the electronic port after checking the customs declaration materials and reviewing the declaration form;

  05.Data receipt received。After receiving the data, the Customs audit center shall send the data receipt after the initial examination.

  06.Print the customs declaration form。After receiving the data receipt, the customs declaration bank explains that the customs accepts the declaration, and then prints a triple copy (customs cancellation copy, customs operation copy, enterprise retention copy) on the QP system;

  07.Order declaration form。After the customs declaration personnel confirm, sign and seal the declaration form, and attach the information required by the customs;

  08.On-site submission and declaration。Take the customs declaration form and submit it to the on-site customs for declaration;

  09.审单。Declaration shall be accepted after the on-site customs examination and verification is correct;

  10.征税。If the imported goods reach the taxable amount, the customs will issue a tax bill to the customs agent.

  11.纳税。The enterprise shall pay tax to the designated bank account according to the tax bill, and the bank shall stamp the receipt stamp on the tax bill (enterprises that have opened online payment can pay online);

  12.Tax bill written off。The on-site customs shall write off the tax bill with the bank seal;

  13.Selective check。Manual control - on-site customs choose whether to inspect the goods according to the risk value of the goods (if it is computer controlled, the goods must be inspected);

  14.放行。The Customs releases inspected or uninspected goods;

  15.Pick up the goods released by the Customs;

  16.结关。For the goods on the customs declaration, the customs broker shall print the import payment certificate。

  7.Export declaration process。

  01.Sign a contract。The exporter shall conclude export contracts with foreign investors and determine the goods to be exported;

  02.Contact freight forwarder。Exporter contact transport company;

  03.Booking shipment。Freight forwarders are responsible for arranging towing, booking space, customs declaration, loading and other procedures according to the requirements of exporters;

  04.Prepare materials。Exporters provide customs declaration materials before (or during) transportation of goods (export contract, invoice, packing list, declaration letter, certificate required for export supervision by the national customs, etc.)。Exporters without import and export rights may export through trading companies;

  05.Formal declaration。When the goods arrive at the designated export port and enter the dock yard gate, they shall be under the supervision of the port Customs。The computer will record the entry time, container number, seal number, storage yard location and other information of the container, and monitor the customs computer through the network with the customs computer, and start the official export declaration to the Customs:

  Customs broker through the network computer input ship name, voyage, container number, booking number, export unit name, consignee name, goods name, number of pieces, gross weight and other information。

Import declaration knowledge | Professional foreign trade personnel must master the import and export declaration process detailed explanation

  After receiving the data and approval, the shipping agent will automatically transmit the data to the customs computer;

  The customs computer will automatically pass the information after receiving it, so the above information will be reviewed by the customs declaration company according to the content provided by the customer;

  After the customs computer passes, it is printed on the blank shipping list。The customs declaration company officially declares the contents of the export shipment list (mainly the 16-digit means of transport number and the 10-digit tracking number) to the Customs declaration computer system through the import company permitted by the Customs.

  After receiving the customs declaration system, the audit center processes the customs declaration data transmitted by each port。The vast majority of exports are checked automatically by computers。As long as it is sent to the audit center, it will pass automatically。The customs broker must strictly review the application materials before sending them, which are completely consistent with the content provided by the customer;

  After approval, print the export declaration form, together with the declaration materials, signed by the declaration officer, stamped by the declaration company, and sent to the customs on site;

  First, submit the order to the general department。The integrated department confirms the order on the computer。Goods subject to duty are transferred to the tax office。General cargo transfer to risk management department。The risk management department believes that the goods to be inspected should be controlled by computer。Uninspected goods shall be released directly and transferred to the release team with customs seal, and then issued to the customs broker;

  The customs broker will give the release slip to the port to confirm whether the customs release, after confirming the port confirmation seal, and then the customs broker will give the release slip to the shipping agency, the shipping agency according to the release slip for export;

  After the ship leaves the port, the shipping agency will send the manifest information of the ship's actual loading to the Customs declaration computer system。After the customs declaration computer system is consistent with the manifest information, it can apply to the Customs for printing export foreign exchange verification and tax refund。

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