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What qualifications do customs agents need to help customers with import and export customs declaration?

  When we have goods import and export, most of us will choose a customs clearance agency to do customs clearance operations for us, but not any logistics company can agent customs clearance, so what is qualifiedCustoms brokerCan help customers agent import and export customs declaration?

  1.Goods declaration agency service is required within the scope of business license;

  2.To apply for a registration permit for customs declaration and be qualified for customs declaration;


  3.A professional operation team is required: including a document-making team,That is, the system of document declaration,Good familiarity with customs clearance documents,Solid theoretical foundation;Field operation,Go to the site to replace orders and check release operations,A more professional field operation process is required,To deal with emergency situations in a timely and effective manner;The customer service team is mainly responsible for customer connection and service;The management team mainly controls and directs the entire customs declaration process and service progress。

  4.Customs agents should have a good reputation for service and company culture: service reputation is accumulated through daily operations, which is very important。Secondly, the company with corporate culture is more cohesive, the enterprise goes longer, and such a company can make people more assured。

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